Soft Condensed Matter Sensors

The Swiss sensor knife for soft body dynamics monitoring

Soft Condensed Matter Sensor (SCMS) fibers are a promising class of materials, which provide flexible sensor structures for body-mounted wearable computing applications.

SCMS fibers are soft, flexible, and their sensor behaviour can be tailored by the use of different inorganic materials.

The non-linear mechanical behaviour has been successfully decoupled from the linear resistance signal with an applied mechanical strain, thereby significantly increasing the signal quality and significantly reducing the relaxation effect.


SCMS sensors can be used for applications in various industries due to their unique measurement characteristics and design. Wherever soft body conformation plays a crucial role, SCMS can be the natural choice.

Solutions for robotics industries, biomechanics, automotive industries but also industrial watch industries are feasible in addtion to vital signs applications focused on by STBL Medical Research AG.

Additional Information:

A more detailed description of the above can be found in the paper “Piezoresistive Soft Condensed Matter Sensor for Body-Mounted Vital Function Applications” published in MDPI-Sensors in March 2016.