STBL Medical Research AG revolutionizes institutional healthcare with innovative digital vital-signs solutions for families and caretakers in a home-based environment. Telemedical solutions “empower patients to own their health and information”, at a time of ever increasing health costs.

STBL Medical Research AG is a leader in the global digital transformation process of healthcare. We develop and market innovative telemedical solutions for home-based prophylactic screening and monitoring for professional respiratory diagnostics and treatment.
CARUNDA is STBL’s world-leading telemedical solution for patients suffering from obstructive or central sleep-apnea (OSA / CSA). At affordable costs, STBL provides an accessible solution for home-based markets with unparalleled medical features for diagnostics and treatment, monitoring convenience and patient mobility - indoor, outdoor, at day and night.

The STBL team believes that advances in digital health technology have made science-based telemedical solutions, that scale globally, a reality. Accessible to households and caretakers around the world the digital generation of telemedical services offer better health outcomes at lower costs to the patients and the system.

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STBL Medical Research AG
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