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Continuous Pulse Wave Blood Pressure Monitoring

Feasible with Soft Condensed Matter Sensor Technology

Goal: Developing a non-invasive continuous monitoring pulse wave form device including blood pressure without cuff. The user should be able to get accurate blood pressure readings under standard medical procedure positions, whereas the device is recording signals 24h/7days.

Realization: After concluding initial clinical tests, the focus has been laid on the development of soft body dynamics detection, key factor to continuous vital signs monitoring. Design and production of new sensor fusion prototype devices and extensive test series as well as regulatory validation procedures are planned after full financing of the project. Time to markets is estimated at around 48 months after the built of new prototype devices.

Category: Medical device

Motivation: Wrist based pulse wave frequency monitoring was established almost ten years ago. Noise and artefact filtering has improved substantially over time. However, the step from frequency measurement to filtered force measurement and therefore the capturing of relative/absolute blood pressure readings (mmHg) has yet to be taken. Soft Body Dynamics monitoring could deliver the missing part. Together with traditional sensor technology to measure prime signals, environmental and motion artefacts, the calibration of fully refined continuous resistance signals (mV) into blood pressure readings (mmHg) becomes a feasible goal. Such a solution would facilitate regular monitoring for hundreds of millions of people suffering from hypertension and help to improve their quality of life.