Innovative Medical And Biomechanical Device Solutions

breath alert

Respiratory Chest Strap Device Solutions - Preterm Babies To Adults

Monitor breathing patterns of adults to detect possible irregularities and apnea. Applying a second strap for additional monitoring such as the abdominal-thoracic-ratio. Use the broad capturing range and adapt monitoring for premature infants and babies. Depending on functions and applications, consumer health or medical validated markets can be focused on.

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Continuous Pulse Wave Form Blood Pressure Monitoring

Sensor Fusion Pulse Wave Blood Pressure Monitoring Solutions

By solving soft body dynamics issues with disruptive soft condensed matter sensor technology built into a sensor fusion system, continuous pulse wave blood pressure monitoring becomes the targeted goal. 

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Convertible Smart Strap

Biomechanical Device Solutions

With soft body conforming SCMS strain gauge sensors, various biomechanical challenges can be addressed, such as steering a device with a smart wrist strap band or enhance the possibilities of a bionic prosthetic solution.

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